Book a tandem jump with Skydive Port and come live the best experience of your life!

To make your reservation, simply fill out the marking form, indicating your data, the number of people and the date on which want to jump. 
Please be advised that only the dates and times indicated as available is that we have forecasts to be to make jumps.
Upon receipt of your order, the team at Skydive Port will check your markup meets all requirements so that we can confirm the same by sending a final email.

If you have questions, you can contact the Port Skydive team through our contacts,  925 505 505  or  925 605 605  or via email:  info@skydiveporto.com

Choose, the location, an available date and make your reservation.


_______________________ <NOTICE COVID-19> _________________________
Be an active public health agent and before coming to jump with us, reflect on your condition and your health status. This is the most effective way to stop contagion with the new coronavirus and to minimize the risks and impact of this pandemic.
Self-assessment questionnaire before coming to Skydive Porto:
- Have you been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
- Have you tested positive for COVID-19?
- In the last 14 days you had fever, cough, difficulty breathing, muscle pain, headache or loss of smell or taste?
- Have you been in contact with risk groups (doctors, medical assistants, nurses, public security officers, etc.) or are you part of one of these groups?
- Did you disregard the recommendations, such as social distance or wearing a mask? (if you did not protect yourself daily, most likely you were exposed to the virus, even if you do not have any symptoms).
If you answered YES to any of these questions in the week before the scheduled date, before going to Skydive Porto send us an email in order to understand whether or not you can make the jump. 
Rules to be adopted to attend Skydive Porto's facilities:
- Mandatory use of a mask;
- Mandatory hand hygiene at the entrance to the hangar;
- Mandatory social distance between non-family groups within closed spaces;
- Measurement and recording of body temperature will be made to all people who wish to visit our facilities (entry will not be possible if the temperature is equal to or higher than 38ºC).
- Each person who will do a tandem jump, will only be able to be accompanied by one person during their stay in our facilities. Any additional person will be prohibited from entering in our facilities.
- Inside the aircraft and in free fall is mandatory the use of a mask. In free fall and to prevent the mask from moving, the use of the mask must be complemented with the use of a buff, to be placed over the mask (see example below).