Tandem Jump

Find out about our prices here. If you have any questions about which jump you should choose, please don't hesitate to contact us. Come make your dream of flying come true.

Tandem jump 3000 meters - 159€/person
Tandem jump 4000 meters - 199€/person
Tandem jump 5000 meters - 239€/person
Tandem jump 4000 meters Group6+ - 175€/person
Tandem jump 4000 meters Par - 380€ (2 persons)

Extra Services

Along with your tandem jump, you can purchase an extra service that will allow you to have a different perspective and remember every second of your jump.

Instructor Photos - 50€
Instructor Video- 70€
Instructor Photo and Video - 90€

Photo External Camera - 100€
Vídeo External Camera - 120€
Vídeo and Photo External Camera - 150€ 

Premium - Vídeo External Camera + Vídeo and Photo Instrutor - 200€


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